Blablabla Media was born in 2005 as a brand but soon it became the platform for the independent film and multimedia projects of its founders, formally adopting the status of Portuguese producing company with a global attitude. Its strategical and widespread network in Europe is written in its genetic code: Blablabla Media is fiscally based in Lisbon (Portugal), has a Northern office in Tallinn (Estonia) and operated from Madrid (Spain) during several years

So far, Blablabla Media‘s work in film has been distinguished with four prizes [MUVI Lisboa’s Grand Prize Award, Temps d’Images’ Best Portuguese Film, FEST’s Grand Prize Award and Impresa’s Convergence Award], one honourable mention, one nomination for “Best film on art”, dozens of participations in international festivals (Official Selections and competition sections), and showings in such venues as Casa del Cinema (Rome, Italy), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain), Filmoteca Española (Madrid, Spain), Cinemateca Portuguesa (Lisbon, Portugal), Cinema São Jorge (Lisbon, Portugal), Cinema Ideal (Lisbon, Portugal) or the Unesco’s Universal Culture Forum (Monterrey, Mexico).

Be it feature, medium, short or micro films, the documentary has always been the genre favoured by this company, which manages its production flow as follows: a quota of approximately 30% dedicated to the development of author films intended for television broadcasting and/or theatrical screening; 25% to multimedia proposals transversal to more than one format or platform; and finally, other 35% to commissioned projects, either cultural, advertising or institutional, high end and viral, destined for television, inflight TV, corporate TV channels, online streaming platforms, newspapers, iPad editions of magazines, official websites and showings in public spaces.

But Blablabla Media also creates non-audiovisual contents. Up to now, it has produced two theatre plays, composed two original soundtracks, published a series of micro-tales’ books and managed a participative web-journal in partnership with the Portuguese portal Clix [NOS].


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