Production notes

A British couple, a nature warden, a member of Parliament, a forestry engineer, a biologist, three lighthouse keepers, and an attention-starved dog constitute the cast of this documentary on life on the Savage Islands, a unique and even paradoxical ecosystem, known only to a restricted and privileged few. Filmed over the course of ten days in late July 2006, The Final Frontier is a 30-minute awarded documentary film produced by the independent production company Blablabla Media and directed by filmmaker Filipe Araújo. It boosts an original score by the composer and pianist Ana Araújo and it has been screened in many festivals and showings around the world.


The Final Frontier


30’ | Colour | Portugal

Filipe Araújo: direction, script, cinematography, sound and editing

Ana Araújo: original soundtrack

Micael Pereira: research and coordination

José Ventura: stills

Production: Blablabla Media



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El Porvenir

Some themes

  1. 1.Quadrante

  2. 2.Selvagem Grande

  3. 3.Novo Mundo

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