THE NINTH LIFE OF GUALDINO, A Sétima Vida de Gualdino (2014) | Documentary. Portugal, 61’. DCP. With Gualdino Barros, Filipe Melo, Dany Silva, Bruno Santos, Joana Espadinha, Cristina Nóbrega, Bernardo Moreira and Margarida Amaral. By the end of an incredible life full of adventure, misfortune and surreal accomplishments, a self-taught drummer, exalted to jazz legend for having introduced to the stage dozens of inexperienced young people acclaimed today in the music industry, suffers a stroke. At first, half of his body is paralyzed, but his stubbornness is overpowering. The mission will be ambitious: to regain full movement, play the drums once again, introduce one last singer and return to Paris, where he played with Nina Simone and even lived under a bridge. The Ninth Life of Gualdino is a Blablabla Media production directed by Filipe Araújo with the financial support of RTP (the Portuguese public television). International poster: Download.


MUVI, Best documentary feature (2014)
Temps d’Images, Best Portuguese Film (2014)

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Official Selection (Greece)
SPFF, Official Selection (Croatia)
Festafilm, Regard Etranger (France)
Tartu World Film Festival, Main Program (Estonia)
MUVI, Official Selection (Portugal)
Temps d’Images, Official Selection (Portugal)

RTP (Portugal)
8TV (France)
HRT (Croacia)
ERR (Estonia)


PORTUGUESE PREMIERE: Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisbon (13 March 2014); INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE: 16th Tessaloniki Documentary Festival, in Thessaloniki, Greece (14 March 2014); TV premiere: RTP2 (5 April 2014, 20 PM). SPECIAL SCREENINGS: Cinema Ideal, Lisbon, Portugal – 15 November 2014, 18 PM; Maison du Brésil, Paris, France – 25 January 2015, 20 PM; Tartu Uus Teater, Tartu, Estonia – 16 March 2015, 21 PM; Os Dias do Jazz, Museu Municipal de Faro, Faro, Portugal – 29 April, 21:30 PM; Exib, Expo Iberoamericana de Música, Palácio D. Manuel, Évora, Portugal – 7 May 2016, 15 PM; Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal – 11 November 2018, 18 PM.

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