Entirely filmed in Georgia, "Iberiana" is a short film where fictional narrative borders documentary and performance while adopting a thesis that dates back to Ancient Greece. Because some still believe the Iberian Peninsula had its genesis in the Caucasus, a basque painter tries to find its roots traveling through the other Iberia: the Eastern one.


IBERIANA, by Filipe Araújo. Short fiction. Blablabla Media, Portugal, 2011, Color, 12’30. With João Lopes Marques, Eduard Atoev and Ia Bagration-Mukhraneli

Freelly inspired in the novel “Iberiana” by João Lopes Marques

Nobody knows the exact reason. Yet the Old Greeks called them "Iberia". One in the Caucasus. Another one in the Far West.


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Nominated to Best Film On Arts — Temps d’Images 2011
Television Premiere 
11 March 2012, 00h30 - RTP2
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