THE ERASMUS PROJECT, O Projeto Erasmus | Creative feature documentary. Moving into a new home again, I realise that, twenty years after my Erasmus experience, the physical memories that have survived such a transformative year are scarce. Nearly everything I had – except for a few photographs, tickets, and video footage – is contained inside an old laptop that the evolution of technology has made inaccessible. Across the border, I decide to look for Javi, an old roommate in Rome with tremendous computer skills, and, after remembering his Erasmus journal, I go in search of David, another beloved Spanish friend with whom I had lost contact at the turn of the century. Thirsty for any record of those crucial days, and curious to find out what happened to our former classmates, I propose venturing into a simultaneously external and internal journey across a virally hungover Europe, today submerged in contradictions we never even dreamed of. Like us, in the middle of a midlife crisis. Aware that only togetherness and memory can save it. Co-produced by Blablabla Media (Portugal) and Stefilm (Italy) with the support of ICA – Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, The Erasmus Project is a Filipe Araújo film project in its writing and development stage.