The legend of Gualdino arrives to Croatia

On this 5th August, at 21h45, The Ninth Life of Gualdino will have it’s Croatian premiere at the Velika Paklenica Theater. The film is competing in the 5th SPFF – Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival, one of the most interesting Summer festivals from the Balkans region

To get to know more about the films that will be present in the 2014’s edition of this international festival exclusivly dedicated to music and documentary, here’s the promising program and video teaser.

Animação de A Sétima Vida de Gualdino distinguida nos EUA

A animação do ilustrador André Carrilho que abre A Sétima Vida de Gualdino acaba de ganhar uma menção honrosa no 3×3 ProShow — concurso da revista norte-americana 3×3 dedicado à ilustração contemporânea

Para além da menção honrosa atribuída à animação do filme, Carrilho foi distinguido ainda pelo juri nas categorias Editorial-portrait e Comics/Cartoons, arrecadando um total de três prémios e cinco menções.

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Happy new films!

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There’s an old Portuguese jazz legend alive and kicking (in film and real live)

The post-production of Blablabla Media’s most recent feature documentary, The Ninth Life of Gualdino (also known as A Sétima Vida de Gualdino), is completed and waiting for a release date

The film goes about the legendary Gualdino Barros, an autodidact jazz drummer and manager whose life include the most amazing events and situations. Gualdino played and met some of the greats and became a mythical figure in the Portuguese musical scene for introducing to the stage close to 500 musicians and singers. In old age he had a stroke and had to reinvent himself.

The mission was not easy though. To continue living its way, Gualdino would have to regain full movement, play the drums once again, introduce one last singer and (why not?) return to Paris, where he played with Nina Simone and lived for a period under the bridge.

To know more about the film, whose trailer and beautiful poster (signed by illustrator João Lemos and designer Andreia Marques) we publish here, please visit its website ( and IMDb page.

Just three more important notes: produced by Blablabla Media to RTP, “The Ninth Life of Gualdino” also includes animated sequences by the magnificent illustrator and cartoonist André Carrilho, and features an original score by jazz guitarist André Fernandes.